Handmade Ladder

The design brief from the client was to provide an extra sleeping area in the form of a mezzanine floor locating in the entrance hall of an Edwardian flat. With limited floor space but plenty of ceiling height this was deemed possible if access to the new floor took up only minimal space below.

The design of this ladder incorporated 10 different species of woods. Starting with the darkest at the bottom (Black American Walnut) and finishing with the lightest at the top (Sycamore) gave the client the idea of the staircase to heaven.

The ladder is secured at the top by 2 Sycamore blocks that allow the ladder to pivot towards and away from the wall. This gives a repeatable location that secures the ladder when in use and returns it home against the wall when not.

With all surrounding walls and ceiling painted white the overall effect of the ladder stands out as a beautiful piece of highly functional furniture.

Please see the full size slide show if you want to see more photos.

Photographs taken by Leeds Photographer Bevan Cockerill.