Life Boat

The Brief

The LifeBoat is a concept created by The Institute of Crazy Dancing (ICD). Along with further background information the brief in its simplist form was as follows:
Life Boat


“The Life Boat is a 6 metre long timber keel with four rib sections. It forms the skeleton of a small boat. Canvas hammocks are strung between each of the rib sections. The boat turns in very slow circles. It is a slow and contemplative ride destined to create a beautiful and engaging atmosphere in cities, festival settings and other locations…”


The Design

Following the initial brief it was essential that this piece must combine beautiful aethestic and simple functionality.
Life Boat (1)
The LifeBoat would be transported to venues throughout the UK, and must be strong enough to perform yet light enough to construct with only two people and limited apparatus.


Life Boat (2) 







Glulam timber curved ribs give both strength and beauty. Each pair of ribs can hold up to 2 people contained within a hammock.

Life Boat (3)







Specialist metal work and precison glulam timbers allow the LifeBoat to be assembled and broken down on a weekly basis.




The installation aims to create a contemplative and active space: a place of exchanges between strangers, a place for people to meet each other – to talk and think…

If you are interested in having a LifeBoat in your garden, place of work or public space, please get in touch.

LifeBoats can be made to your specifications with a unique design for your boat.

Please call on 0113 289 3559.